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Creating links to the Library's online articles

Create links to articles from NSCC Library databases by saving the article's persistent link.

  • A persistent link is a stable url (web) address.
  • Synonyms: Permanent Link and Stable Link
  • DOI — A type of persistent link used in many databases.
    Click here to link to a free DOI lookup tool. It can be used to look up DOIs.
  • Links to subscription based resources must start with the prefix
  • Many of our databases automatically include this prefix information in the links generated.
  • Prefix missing? Use the tool at the bottom of the page to add the prefix to your links.

EBSCO Databases

Includes databases such as Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, and EBSCO eBooks.

  • Find an article you want to save or share.
  • Click on the article.
  • Click on the permalink button.
  • A permalink bar will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Copy the url in the permalink bar. Use as is!
  • Want to use the DOI? EBSCO also supplies the DOI as part of the detailed record.

ProQuest Databases

Includes databases such as CBCA (Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete) and Hoover's Company

  • Find an article you want.
  • Click on the article.
  • Scroll to the bottom to view Indexing Details.
  • Copy the persistent link from the Document URL line. Use as is! No additional steps required.


Make sure you login to before cicking on permalinks you have created for this database.

Log into Anatomy.TV from our databases page.

  • Find the graphic you want to share.anatomy tv link
  • Click the Create Weblink button.
  • A persistent link will appear. Copy and paste the persistent link into the Link Generator at the bottom of this page
  • Copy and use.

WorldCat Local

You can find persistent URLs in WorldCat Local by clicking on the Permalink icon.

Use as is! No additional steps required.

Additional Notes

  • URLs can be very long. Be careful not to cut the links when you copy or share.
  • Access to licensed content (most NSCC databases) is restricted to NSCC students, faculty, and staff.

Off-Campus Link Generator

  • This tool requires JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • You do not need this for free sites such as Google or PubMed.
  • You do not need this for any links that begin with
  • Only sites registered in our EZproxy server will work with this tool.

Off-Campus Link Generator Tool

    1. Copy and paste the persistent URL here

    2. Click Create link button below

    3. Copy and use the resulting link

    4. Clear the form to make another link

How to Use

  • Use the Off-Campus Link Generator tool to create a persistent link to resources for both on and off campus access!
  • Find an article you want to share.
  • Copy the URL link and paste it into the Link Generator.

For more help

Contact the library

Updated January 21, 2014