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Search for books and more.

What is Novanet?

Novanet is the Library Catalogue. It is a great place to start your research. It searches our library catalogue,other Novanet libraries' catalogues, and several journal article databases.

How do I search?

You can search by keywords or phrases (just like Google). Enter your keywords (topic, author, title, etc.) in any combination. Use quotation marks to search with a phrase, such as a book title e.g. "the wind in the willows". Novanet will look for each individual word or phrase and display a results list.

  • Tip: You can limit your search to individual NSCC campus libraries.

Search Tips

  • Use OR (in upper case) to search using alternate words, e.g. cat OR feline. This will broaden your search.
  • Use - (a minus sign) to exclude words or phrases, e.g. pets - cat. This will narrow your search results by excluding all materials on cats. Note: there must be a space on either side of the minus sign, i.e. keyword space - space keyword.
  • Use * (an asterisk symbol) to truncate words. For example, Newfoundland* will find Newfoundland, Newfoundland's, Newfoundlanders, and so on. This will broaden your search.
  • Use # (a number, pound, or hash symbol) as a wildcard. For example, wom#n will find both woman and women.
  • Use brackets (like this) to make complex searches. For example, pets - (cats OR felines) will look for all things on pets but not on cats or felines.
  • Try the Advanced Search screen. There is a link to it below the search box.

More help

Updated August 31, 2015